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Here are some of the most common questions we get
concerning our products and company:

1) Does this really work?

2) Will this work for me? What are my chances of success?

2A) Wait! What if I have bad credit/no cash/some other issue?

3) What kinds of businesses will this work for?

4) How much can I raise?

5) How long does the process take?

6) Why shouldn't I just do it myself?

7) Why is this better than any of the other products available to help me start my business?

8) What do I get for my money and how much is it?

9) What about compatibility and requirements? PC or MAC?

10) I don't plan to open a business for many months yet- why should I order now?

11) What have other people said about this product?

12) What is your background and experience in business and capital raising?

13) What kind of support do you offer?

14) What are the ways I can pay for this? What about shipping?

15) Can I place an order over the phone?

Does this really work?

Yes, people really do use the Start A Bar Success Kit to create a business plan and financials for starting their own bar and then go on to raise the money they need to actually open. If you aren't sure if you need a business plan and financials just ask any banker or investor what they require before they put money into a venture and you'll have your answer.

Now that you know you need one, compare the options and you will quickly see what the best one is for starting a bar.

Once you've figured that out, all that is left is to do it. This does work if you do it. It won't work if you only think about it or order it but never use it. There will be some work involved but it won't be hard and you won't be left on your own to figure out what you need to do.

Still have some doubts? Read this.

Will this work for me? What are my chances of success?

If you put the effort in you can get your own bar no matter who you are and no matter what your personal situation. Of course the more obstacles you have to overcome the more it will take but anyone who puts the effort in can get there, period.

If you've been thinking about opening a bar business you've probably already heard the old adage that 90% of restaurants fail, and that can be a little troubling because a bar is pretty similar to a restaurant for an entrepreneur staking a life savings and a life-long dream on opening one. The good news is that the reasons that bars and restaurants fail tend to be not only predictable, but preventable- just read our report here.

With our Bar Success Kit, we greatly increase your chances of success, and with absolutely no risk to you. This is because we help you identify all the potential risks that can keep your bar from being a success, and avoiding them before they happen. And that means not only in the planning stage, but also when you go to the bank and begin working on the actual deal. The first year is a critical time for your new venture, and our information will let plan things and raise the money you need to avoid the danger most new businesses face from a shortage of capital.

So, while it is hard to say exactly how hard it will be for you specifically, you can rest assured that if you stick with it you will succeed eventually and if you use our kit you will have the very best shot at getting the money you need sooner or later.

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Wait! What if I have bad credit/no cash/some other issue?

The more hurdles you have to overcome the more creative you have to get, that's all. In our bonus book on Financing Your Business and also in our SBA Loan Guide we cover the ways you can overcome challenges like having poor credit, a recent bankruptcy, no cash to invest and lots of other issues that will result in a "No" if you don't approach the situation correctly. These problems can be worked out if you are willing to learn how to do it and be flexible enough to compromise some in order to ultimately be able to get where you want to go.

Like everything else, you can do it if you want to do it. There is no free lunch though so be prepared to do a little work to make your dream become a reality.

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What kinds of bar will this work for?

This will work for any type of bar you may be considering: a neighborhood bar, a nightclub, a sports bar, etc. Underneath the skin, bars operate very similarly, and our software is flexible enough to let you create a plan and financial projections for any type of operation you are contemplating. On the other hand, bars are different businesses than most others, so our program is very helpful in leading you to the right choices, unlike the generic business plan software packages available, which are not just very helpful for your specific need.

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How much money can I raise?

You can raise as much as you need! It is foolish to try and begin a new business venture without the proper amount of capital- in fact this is one of the biggest reasons new businesses fail- not because people aren't coming in, but because the establishment can't get to it's break even point before the cash runs out. And, although it may not seem like it, raising a lot is no harder than raising a little! Our financial package will help you easily determine exactly what you will need, and how to structure the most favorable deal on the best terms.

And we don't just show you how to get the bank loan- we show you how to finance the whole deal! Often, by combining financing sources, you can raise much more than you would expect. For example, in an acquisition deal, you can combine personal capital, plus a bank loan, plus equipment leasing, plus owner carry, plus vendor financing, plus investor money, plus broker commission deferment, plus existing cashflow into a workable deal to get you into a business you thought was out of your price range. If you don't know how to do all that, and it sounds complicated, don't worry! Our information will show you how, and it's easy if you just go step by step.

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How long does the process take?

With the necessary information at hand, you can complete a business plan and financial package using our Bar Success Kit in as few as 8-10 hours. How come so fast? Because we do all the heavy lifting for you, and give you step by step instructions on what to write and what numbers to enter. Our product does the rest. Now, if you don't have all the information needed to enter, we tell you exactly how to get it and where to go to find anything you don't have. And with that kind of help, gathering your info shouldn't take very long, either!

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Why shouldn't I just do it myself?

You certainly could just do it yourself. But a good question to ask yourself is what is the real cost of this? Suppose it takes you three months to complete a business plan and financials and put together a loan package working on your own, about 10 hours a week (the national average). What is that time worth? Now, what about the cost of mistakes, and mis-steps, and the trial and error learning that happens any time someone does something for the first time?

Now compare that to the cost of using our Bar Business Success Kit:

When you put it that way, it starts to sound pretty attractive, huh!?!

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Why is this better than any of the other products available to help me start my bar?

First, there just aren't very many products of this scope that are designed to help you open a successful bar business. There are some books, but they don't create the plan you need to get the money. There are also generic business plan software products, but they don't help you do the kinds of things you need, like figure out a liquor license, differentiate between well drink inventory and premium, have a slot for a barback job position, or a million other important details only a bar owner has to deal with.

Second, we help you create an entire package- a business plan, a complete set of financials, and supporting documents, to create what is called a funding package. Then, we give you a ton of info on how to go and get a loan or find investors (or both!) with the package you have created- including how to find the banks, talk to the bankers, and find and recruit invetors and how to get the best deal put together out of a variety of funding source pieces.

No other package out there offers so much- no just the easy to use financials creator and the business plan tool, but all the extra support information, bonus resources, and business help that is essential to getting a "Yes" from the money guys and closing the deal.

With our program, there are only small boxes to enter info into, and we tell you exactly what to put each step of the way. We know what you need because we know small businesses and all we do is businesses. And we know the plans we create work, because they've been proven in the real world over and over. And that's why we stand behind (unlike any of our competition) our products with a 100% Moneyback Guarantee- because we know they will work for you, too.

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What do I get for my money and how much is it?

The current price of our Bar Success Kit is $97.00. There is no shipping cost since the product is a software download.

What you get with the download is a business plan creation tool, a financials software application, and an E-book and user's manual. Also included as part of the kit are a host of other important and valuable tools you will use to make sure you have the maximum chance for success in your venture.

The reason we can offer our package at such a good price (especially compared to our competitors!) is that we don't spend money on fancy packaging or expensive book binding. And we only sell direct through the Internet. So you get the best deal, and only pay for what really matters- RESULTS!

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What about Compatibility and Requirements? PC or MAC?

Our software is built on top of Microsoft Excel (financials) and Microsoft Word (business plan) and will work with any PC or MAc that can run these programs. It will also work just fine with the free software so anyone can use it on any computer.

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I don't plan to open a bar for many months yet- why should I order now?

There are several good reasons to order now, even if you aren't planning to open a business for some time:

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Can I get support once I've ordered? What if I have questions before I order?

You can ask questions and get answers before you order and after you've ordered. Just email us- that is the fastest and most reliable way to get your questions answered. You can also call, but phone hours are more limited. If you don't get someone on the phone just leave a message and we will get back to you.

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What are the ways I can pay for this? What about shipping?

The fastest and easiest way to pay is by using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover) on the website to order the Bar Success Kit. Alternatively you may send a cashier's check or moneyorder to our regular post office address, found here. We will also accept personal checks, but they will be held until they clear before the product is shipped.

Shipping is not an issue since we provide the software via download. If you ever need a new copy due to loss of the data, just send us an email, and when we confirm your order we will send you a new download link.

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Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes. It is generally faster and easier to place one online but you may call and place an order if you prefer.

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