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Using This Book

Before You Start

What to Start?
Buying A Business
Starting from Scratch
Funding Your Bar
Your Business Plan
Business Forms
Picking Your Name
Creating Your Atmosphere
Bar Equipment
Bar Setup/Layout
Choosing a Location
Leasing Your Space

Running Your Business
Job Descriptions
Employee Training
Keys to Repeat Business
Using the Web
Legal Questions
Security Resources

Franchise Terms

CDROM Version Start a Bar Kit

What Exactly Is Included in the Start a Bar Kit?

You get a whole bundle we call the Bar Success Kit, and it includes a ton of stuff...

But, those are just the main parts. In the Kit you will also find:

If you are serious about raising money to start your own bar this is the most complete, most powerful, most easy to use and best value bar business start up package available anywhere.

And, you can order it now and download it instantly for only $147.00 $97.00 (limited time price reduction). And, it comes with a one year, 100% no hassle refund policy.

But if you want to know more about the product first, keep reading...

Start A Bar Kit Benefits or What "Bar Specific" Means & Why You Should Care

Why does it matter if the business plan you use is just a free template, a generic business plan tool or a bar specific plan? Won't you end up with about the same thing? NO!

To create a loan package for a bar business, it makes sense to use a tool that was designed for just that purpose, and nothing else. You can hammer in nails with a screwdriver, too but you won't get the best results!

With the generic business plan software, you must do a lot of customizing, cutting things out and putting things in- and you may not know which is which.

If you are new to bars, or just new to creating financials or writing business plans, chances are you will have a difficult time constructing a custom plan the way the bankers want it done.

The plan you create using the Bar Success Kit software is only 10-15 pages long, and it will have exactly what a bar business plan- your bar business plan- should have in it- nothing more or less.

The plan and financials you create will get funded because we know about bars and the bar business, and we pass that on to you every step of the way.

But the real value is that the Start a Bar Success Kit is so much more than just a business plan and a financial tool. It also includes all the information that is critical to putting those pieces together into a fundable package and then knowing where and how to go about presenting it to maximize the chances of success.

And, it gives you valuable information on how to actually run a successful and profitable bar once you do get the funding based on actual bar owner experience which is something no one else offers, period. Overall, there is no better value for the price, bar none (pun intended)!

Finally, the biggest benefit is there is absolutely no risk (see why here). Order now and put it to work. When you get your bar funded and open send us an email about your success. If you don't like it or can't make it work for you, just return it and get your money back.

No one else stands behind their offer like we do- we take all the risk and you get all the benefit. It's an offer you simply can't beat.

Smart Shoppers Always Compare...

You know there's always more than one way to do anything.

We don't claim to have the only way of raising money for your business or the only software for creating a business plan and financials- but we think that we are offering by far the Best Value.

For example, you can do all this yourself- which might seem to be free of cost- but the average time it takes most people to complete just the business plan is over 3.5 months!

Even if you only value your time at $10 an hour (and most of us go considerably higher) and figure about ten hours per week of working on it, that's over $1400 of effort!

And not everyone is good at writing, or doing balance sheets and income statements, not to mention figuring out all the details that those things require, or knowing exactly how to take the plan and financials and put them together into a complete loan package your banker will drool over!

But we do know all those things, and that's what we are offering you- our expertise, all in one complete, easy to use package!

But for the sake of comparison, we think this chart pretty well sums it up:

Still have some doubts? Read this.

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More About Your Bar Business Plan

The business plan template and business plan writing guide included in the Start A Bar Success Kit are the fastest, easiet way for you to create a high quality fundable bar plan in the shortest amount of time.

In a nutshell, we tell you exactly what you need to include and you will never waste time writing things that don't matter.

Plus, the generic parts are really quick and easy to complete (like name, location, hours, owner resume, etc.) and you will be told exactly how and where to find the rest of what you need to write to complete the plan.

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In truth, the actual written part of the business funding package is the easiest part to do and also not as critical as the financial part.

Writing a fifty page plan just because you can isn't going to get you any closer to funding if your financials don't work so we help you put the focus where it matters most and help you write a plan that meets the requirements but doesn't add fluff or extras that don't make a difference.

Because of that emphasis on the financials by both banks and investors, you won't be asked to do any more than necessary to create a plan that will present well but will not take forever to research, write and tweak to get finished.

The only purpose of the process is to get you the money you need and we tailor everything to fit that need, including the plan you will put together.

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More About Your Bar Financials

The bottom line in starting your bar is the bottom line- how much money will it make and is that enough to repay your loan or make money for your investors?

The Start A Bar Success Kit financial tool will help you very quickly create a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow projection for the next five years and get into the nitty gritty details even if you have never done anything like this before.

The best way to understand the importance is just to understand that if your financials don't work it doesn't matter how good your plan is you won't raise any money.

Therefore, if you want to open your own bar, you want to use the most detailed bar specific financial creation tool available to create your funding package and that is exactly what you are getting here.

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More About The Bar Owner's Manual

This two hundred plus page ebook explains everything there is to know about starting a business in general, starting a bar specifically, and then running a successful and profitable bar.

This book alone is worth the price of the kit, but we include it as part of the total package price.

Of course your emphasis is on getting the money to start your bar but you will also want to know that once it is up and running everything is going to work right and all that effort is going to pay off with a nice fat profit.

By taking the advice offered here from people with actual bar owning experience and the experience learned the hard way you can make your bar a success without having to go through all the hard knocks and mistakes most new busness owner's make.

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Start A Bar Kit Includes Free Support

Doing it yourself is all well and good but sometimes you are going to have questions you just won't know the answer to even with all of our books and guides in front of you. For that situation, we've got you covered. Just email us.

No support ticket system, no log ins, no long waits, no finding receipt numbers or anything else. Just send us an email with your question and we'll get back to you with an answer- often within a couple of hours or less and never more than 24 hours later (even over the weekend).

We also will help you with questions about any aspect of starting your bar- not just specific questions referring to the Start a Bar Success Kit. Anything bar related at all that you have a question about, just ask- we can help.

This level of support comes with the kit as part of the price and the person answering your question will be a business consultant, not just some help desk tech working from a random call center.

Get Started Now and Grab the Offer While It's Still Here!

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