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Customer Emails:

Your help for starting a bar is just what I needed- help raising the money and help in launching a profitable business- Thanks!

-Duane Hedgers, Columbus, OH


I was having no luck on my own in getting the loan I wanted but then I found your package and things worked out better- I put together a better package and was able to close a deal- just in time. Your help was much appreciated.

-Randal Sherwood, Detroit, MI


I was able to get a package together quickly using your software, and I am not a financial type at all. I am glad I found this software or it would have been a real struggle- thanks.

- Susan Ortega, Palm Beach, FL


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Getting the Money You Need

If you are thinking about starting a sports bar, and you need the money to make it happen, you came to the right place.

The first real obstacle almost all potential new bar owners face is getting the money to open.

You will not have to worry about this happening to you.

What You Have to Do

To get the money to open your bar, you need a funding package.

This package consists of a business plan, a complete set of financial statements, and all the necessary support documents.

But not just any plan! You must present to the banker a proven funding plan specific to a sports bar business- one that demonstrates you understand the bar business inside and out- including the accounting details down to the last cent.

After all, the bank or investor is only really worried about getting their money back- and then some. If they have the least doubts that you don't have the financial aspects of your new business down completely- they won't dare take the risk of giving you a loan or putting money into your dream.

So, if you seriously want your own bar, you need a proven, bar-specific, no holes, no errors funding package.

The great thing is, we can help you create your funding package all in one weekend!

Do It in One Weekend? You're Crazy!

Actually, no. With our software, we've taken all the tedious work out of creating a funding package- all you have to do is fill in the blanks as we guide you through it.

We show you exactly how to put together your business plan, sentence by sentence. And with the financials, you don't have to be a "numbers" person- our program does everything for you, step by step, and makes you look like a financial whiz.

Once you have the plan in hand, we help you create the rest of the package so that when the banker sees it, he won't be able to say no!

How do we know he won't say no? We Guarantee our proven plan will raise the money you need, or it won't cost you a cent!

And the best part is:

Most people can complete our plan and financials and be ready to start raising money in less than 10 hours.

There Must be More to It. What?

Sure, in order to create your loan proposal you have to figure out some important business details. You have to do some planning. But we help with that, too.

We help you figure out answers to all the important questions you need to think through in order to give the banker or investor exactly what they are looking for in your proposal. We help you figure out how to answer things like:

You don't just get a proven plan for raising money with our package- you also get access to all the secrets of running a profitable bar- things even people who've been in the business a long time don't know or don't do that will put extra money in your pocket every day you are open!

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